Welcome to London

On 2 June (that’s how they say dates here, so I need to get used to it), Nicole and I boarded a budget Norwegian flight in Oakland and took off for Gatwick Airport, which is about an hour south of London. We arrived around 4 pm on Saturday and grabbed a taxi that fit our 6 (SIX!) bags. Before jet lag could sink in, Nicole and I dropped off our luggage at the AirBnB and then went to Sainsbury Local to grab the food staples of travel warriors everywhere – bread + cheese + rosé. Classy!

Our first “night out” we grabbed dinner at a fancy gastropub called The Malt House, followed by drinks at The White Horse — both in Fulham. Maarten and his sister Eva joined us and gave me loads of pointers on what to expect of different neighborhoods, how to make friends, you know… that sort of thing. The four of us grabbed brunch together on Sunday as well. This time we ventured up to Shepherd’s Bush to a great spot near the Westfield Mall (btw – so nice) called Balans Soho Society. The crushed avocado, scrambled egg, and smoked salmon toast with cracked pepper was everything I could have wanted in that moment.

It’s starting to sink in that I’ll be moving here. I am moving here. It’s happening, like, right now.

While at The White Horse on our first night here, we heard about the attack happening near London Bridge. Many somber people got up from their tables and decided to call it a night. It’s really crazy to think about that happening only a few miles away… For everyone who sent us a text message, snap, or tweet to check in on our safety, thank you. In the words of Mad Eye Moody, constant vigilance.

So… what is this blog supposed to be?

Ideally, Nicole and I can use this blog to share quick updates with family and friends about our sojourn. Yes, that’s an awkward word to say out loud… but it fits the theme so nicely, don’t you think? We started a separate Instagram account as well, so check it out if you want pictures of pretty buildings and cappuccinos.

That’s all for now.


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