I have a new roommate!

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📍 Blogging from: our sofa, Fulham, London

NEWSFLASH: NICOLE IS HERE!!!!! Like, for good.

We were originally hoping that she’d move to London last September …and then we thought it would maybe be after Christmas… and then we just wanted it to EFFIN happen already! So, after living here for the past 10 months alone, I now have a new roommate. 🙂

Q: Wait a s-e-c-o-n-d… what is this Sisterly Sojourn thing?

A: About a year ago, when Nicole and I were chatting with our respective companies about moving to the UK, I thought it would be fun to resurrect our blogging habit from the good ol’ days of Sugar Coated Sisters (#RIP). We could share photos and talk about our travels and weekends in London. The target audience is 90% our mom, 10% friends and family. Nicole wasn’t too “keen on” the idea of blogging again, but she has changed her tune since stepping foot on this island. I’ve only put together two other posts, When I Moved in June 2017 and a check-in after my First Four Months. I also made an Instagram account, which I think will be a lot easier to update than WordPress (although I haven’t updated that since the end of January, whoops).

PS: you know the Yanny-Laurel thing?? Well, our lovely friend Ari designed both our “logo” and the Yanny-Laurel calligraphy mashup that’s making its rounds online. SHE is TALENTED!

Now that Nicole is here, we will post updates more regularly (I hope).

Let’s rewind to M-Day (move day).

On Wednesday, May 2nd, I was in an airport in Tanzania 🇹🇿 (more on that later) when Nicole packed her bags and drove to the Oakland 🇺🇸 airport with our mom. Besides a mixup where she ended up boarding the plane with a bison burrito instead of a vegan burrito, all went pretty smoothly. Nine hours later, after my Tanzania > Amsterdam > London 🇬🇧 flights, I was back in town grabbing balloons, a bottle of champagne, and some snacks to welcome her to the flat. 🙂

Nicole arrived 2 hours later and brought some California weather ju-ju with her, because we had “record-breaking hot weather [during] the first Bank Holiday of May, which saw temperatures reach a sweltering high of 28C.” That’s 82* F! So not only was the weather effin’ amazing, it was also a 3-day weekend thanks to the glorious bank holiday on Monday.

Here’s how we spent our first weekend together:

Friday, 4 May

The day after Nicole arrived, I asked my coworkers to stick around for post-work drinks with the new Londoner. We toasted to her with some lovely prosecco 🥂 in our WeWork atrium before heading over to Clerkenwell Social. After a few al fresco rounds there, we grabbed a table at Wedge Issue Pizza + Beer for (you guessed it) pizza and beer. The pizza reflects their “Pacific West Coast” roots which I’m all about.

Saturday, 5 May aka Cinco de Mayo

We started with an impromptu brunch at The Glasshouse Cafe in Fulham. I brought my laptop intending to do some work, but Nicole joined me for smashed avo on toast and a round of cappuccinos. From there, we walked over to Fulham Palace, which was a country home for English bishops from the 11th century until 1973. It sits on 12 acres and has a beautiful garden and a busy cafe inside the historic house.

We looped back to our flat, dropped off our backpacks, and kept walking north towards Shepherd’s Bush. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we were on a mission to find (good) Mexican food to satisfy our late lunch needs. Here’s the deal: I’ve yet to encounter phenomenal Mexican food here, but it doesn’t mean I won’t keep looking! For some reason, the UK interpretation of a burrito comes out more like a panini. It’s always really flat, with grill marks, and cut in half. In other words, no bueno. When we walked into Killer Tomato, I had a hunch that the burrito and taco gods were smiling down on us.  Nicole ordered the sweet potato & feta burrito, I opted for the carne asada tacos, and we shared the generous tortilla chips with red salsa and guac. We definitely enjoyed every bit of it!

From there, we walked some more… and more… 6.5 miles to be exact. We walked through 20% of Holland Park and 2% of Hyde Park and through South Kensington and Chelsea and back to our house to regroup before dinner.

At this point we realized Saturday = walking and eating day.

We had plans to meet my friend Linnea at this new market / dining hall thing that recently opened up about a 10-minute walk away from our flat. Their website describes the location as an “ornate and well-preserved entrance hall of an Edwardian Underground (tube) station in Fulham Broadway, which has retained the former ticket hall from the original 1880 station.” There are 10 vendors inside Market Hall Fulham, serving up all different types of cuisine. We shared an order of Persian fries and a tuna poke bowl, along with the “Fulham Spritz” and an espresso martini. On the way out, Linnea and I grabbed ice cream from Soft Serve Society (mine was charcoal-coconut flavored!). We ended the night with a few drinks at The White Horse pub in Parsons Green area.

Sunday, 6 May

It’s tricky to think back 2 weeks and remember what we did… on this particular day, Nicole and I meandered up to the Angel / Islington neighborhood and walked around the high street there. We passed ourselves off as Arsenal (soccer team) fans to get into a restaurant that was for ticket holders only (on game day). From there, we spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine at pubs like The Alwyne Castle and Rosemary Branch. We walked along the canal and through beautiful neighborhoods before making our last stop: dinner at Standard Balti House for some classic, Brick Lane Indian food.

Monday 7 May

Bank holiday!! The only photos I have are from the river walk Nicole and I went on at sunset. Romantic, right?

Well, folks, that’s it. I think the next post will just be photo highlights. 🤷‍♀️


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